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Gone-With-The-Wind Style Lamp

The wiring of a Gone-With-the-Wind Style Lamp is done with a special socket known as a 3 Terminal Socket. (3 screws for connecting wires instead of two.) This socket allows the top and bottom light to be on at the same time or work independently. 

If you are completely replacing all electrical components in this type of lamp you will need 3 things: 1. A 3 Terminal Socket2. A New Lamp Cord3. A Candelabra Socket with Clips  The first step in this rewiring project is to take the ends of the New Lamp Cord and the (black and white) ends of the Candelabra Socket with Clips and insert them together into the bottom center threaded rod of the lamp until they both come out of the top of the rod. (You may want to pull the black and white wires of the candelabra socket until there's just enough cord at the bottom to place the socket into the 1" diameter hole in the base of the lamp. Then cut the excess wire off the candelabra socket so that it is even with the new lamp cord. This will prevent you from having an excessive amount of the black and white cord left over at the bottom of your lamp.) Insert the wires from the new lamp cord and the candelabra socket through the silver threaded base of the 3 terminal socket. Next, connect the black wire from the candelabra socket to the black terminal post. (black screw on the socket) Then, take the neutral wires from both the new lamp cord (which will be ribbed side, not smooth) and the candelabra socket (which will be white) and connect them both to the larger, silver terminal post. Finally, connect the hot, smooth wire (not ribbed) from the new lamp cord to the brass terminal post. Now that the wiring is complete, pull the cords from the bottom of the lamp so that the silver threaded part at the bottom of the 3 terminal socket touches the top of the threaded rod and screw into place. While screwing the socket in place, you will need to turn the cords coming out of the bottom of the lamp in the same direction so that they don't get twisted inside of the rod. Now clip the candelabra socket into the lamp base and your lamp rewiring project is complete.

Rewiring Diagram for Gone With the Wind Style Lamp

Rewiring Diagram for Gone With the Wind Style Lamp

Vintage 3-Arm Floor Lamp

A 3 Arm Floor Lamp with a center Socket has 13 wires (including the incoming cord, the socket at the top, the 3 side arm sockets and the 3-way switch) that all come together in one main cluster. Knowing how they all connect can mean the difference between success and disaster.

However, this rewiring project is not nearly as complicated as it might seem, as long as you follow 4 simple steps. 

Before you begin however, be sure to remove all of the old sockets, switches and cords. Then, insert the new lamp cord up through the base of the lamp until it comes out into the bottom of the cluster. (the opening at the top where all of the cords come together.) Then, run the new black and white cords for each of the 3 side arm sockets through the tubing. At this point, screw on the three  3"  outer sockets and connect the wires to them, being sure to connect the black wires to the Gold terminal points on the sockets and the white cords onto the silver terminal points. Cut about 3 or 4 inches more of the black and white cord and connect it to the gold (hot) and silver (neutral) screws on the center socket.  You can now replace the new 3 way, 2 circuit rotary switch in the opening where the old one was. After having done this, you're only 4 steps away from connecting all of your wires and completing your project.

First, connect the blue wire from the 3-way switch to the black (hot) wires from any 2 of the side arm sockets.

Next, connect the red wire from the 3-way switch to the black (hot) wire of the remaining side arm socket.

Third, Connect the black (hot) wire from the 3-way switch to the hot (smooth, not ribbed)  wire of the incoming lamp cord and the black (hot) wire from the main center socket. 

Finally, connect all remaining wires which will include the ribbed side (neutral) wire of the incoming lamp cord, all of the white (neutral) cords from the 3 side arm sockets and the white (neutral) side of the main center socket.

You have now completed your rewiring project!

rewiring diagram for vintage 3 arm floor lamp

rewiring diagram for vintage 3 arm floor lamp