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Silver Leaf Fiber Paper Candle Covers With Drips


These Silver Leaf Fiber Paper candle covers with drips are available in Standard Size  (1 3/16" inside diameter and 1 5/16" outside diameter) and in Candelabra Size (13/16" inside diameter  7/8" outside diameter). They come in  4 and 6 inch heights.  Please indicate whether you need 4 or 6 inch and Standard or Candelabra  size when placing your order. 

  NOTE: THESE COVERS ARE NOT TO BE USED AS AN INSULATOR . An insulator is a paper sleeve that goes between the socket and the Candle Cover.  If your insulator is missing or brittle, Please see our "Lighting Supplies" page for a replacement.

For Specific Information see How To Measure For Candle Covers at the top of this page.