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Paper Insulator for Push-Thru Electric Sockets


 An insulator is a molded paper sleeve that snugly fits between your lamp socket (and the live wires connected to it) and the metal socket sleeve or Candle Cover on the outside. Over time, and with repeated use, these paper insulators can become dried out and brittle, causing the live wires inside to become dangerously close to the metal sleeve or Candle Cover on the outside. This condition can cause an electrical shock, a blown out socket or worse.

These Paper Insulators are for  Push-Thru (2-Slot) Standard-Size Sockets and are intended to be used as a replacement for worn or missing insulators on standard (medium-sized) push thru on and off lamp sockets. They are 1 1/8" inside top diameter and 1 5/32" base inside diameter and  2" tall.