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Lamp  Rewiring  Kits  

We offer complete Lamp Rewiring Kits with all of the parts needed for rewiring Table Lamps, Vintage Floor Lamps and Gone-With-The-Wind style lamps. (With a light at the top and bottom.) Each  Rewiring  Kit  comes  with  diagrams  and detailed  instructions . 

   For more lamp rewiring diagrams and information, check on the following link from our friends at:

 And, we're also available by phone or email to assist you if you need additional help on your rewiring project.

           If you need a Rewiring Kit for a Table Lamp, 

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             If you need a Rewiring  Kit for a Vintage Floor Lamp,

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   If you need a Rewiring  Kit 

 for a Gone-With-The-Wind Style Lamp,   

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